Monday, August 17, 2015

walking the forest

Again, way to many photos taken... I have a finger that seems to  have a magnetic hold on the shoot button!

Last weekend Rob, the boys (minus a Tristan then) and I took a walk up the hill and into the forest. It was lovely. We decided then, that it will be our weekly adventure again. Wondering through the trees and pulling a very unfit (but slowly healing) Mom up the steeper banks (cause quite frankly I'm useless at climbing very steep hills).

This weekend we all ventured out again, this time a Tristan included. Tristan was home for the weekend and he claimed family togetherness like a pro. The boys pushed me further this time. Literally dragging me to the top of the hill. I thought at one time I would loose my footing and come tumbling all the way down. The upper banks were steep!! And that vertigo while climbing steep banks was horrid. But I made it with Josh and Garren pulling from the top and Tristan pushing from behind... They heav'd-hoe'd me to the top. I am so glad I did and that I made it to the top. The view was spectacular! Maybe next weekend the legs wont feel all jello-like again - and I will take a pic from the very top.
It's something for me to work towards.

Angie xxx


karen said...

looks like a steep steep climb to me! We have a killer hill that we have to walk up when we walk back to home but it's paved and makes it less stressful. Looks like you all had a great time being together :)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

What a fun time. You got some good pictures. We love to go hiking. We are hoping to do a family backpacking trip before fall assets in and out gets colder. So hopefully in the next few weeks.

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