Thursday, November 5, 2015

blackwood's dam

The Summer season is in full swing and with that being said I am finding we are spending so much more of our time out doors. The weather at times still seems to be misplaced. Where there are days that could pass for confusing Winter with a sprinkling of snow lightly covering the Berg and other days that could pass for Midsummer sweltering and the only reprieve for the boys is to splash away in the pool.

Recently we took the opportunity to drive out to Richmond to spend the early hours of  the morning at Jenny's dam at Blackwood Farm. Jenny is one of Rob's very special customers and kindly allowed Garren to try out his new found all-things-fishing-obsession at one of her dams.

I was in awe at the beauty of it all. Snuggled cozily amidst the greening hills almost void of any human touch.

As the morning mists lingered - there was a special kind of magic about this place.

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