Friday, May 13, 2016


Hi everyone, my name is Angie, lover and soul partner to Rob. Mother to Tristan, Joshua, Garren and our StarSeed peacefully growing in my belly. We expect earth landing to be middle of Spring to early Summer 2016.

I come from my blog The Season'd Home where I shared all about our home and family shenanigans. But, as the Seasons move forward so does my need for change and casting a brighter perspective on my precious life here under African skies.
So this is how I've come to be The Season'd Mama.

My passions are collection eggs from my girls, harvesting fresh homegrown food from my backyard, crafting up bits of yarn on my needles and creating magic in my kitchen. I love living by the Seasons and always keep my eyes cast high to the skies following our moon.

A few things you will find on my blog....

I am a yarn along junkie. Every Wednesday (or as often a Wednesday I can handle) I pop on over to Ginny's Small Things Blog and Instagram and join all the lovely ladies for Yarn Along. This is where we share all that is happening on our needles and what we may be reading at that time. I do have Ravelry account and will add links to projects and patterns that I may be busy with. I hope that you join in the fun of the community spirit.

I am an Acornkids Dealer. Which in short means that I strive to provide children with fun products that grab their attention and provide them with a multi-sensory hands-on, minds-on experience. My vision is to magically transform each day into learning, growth and exploration with these fun products.

I do have an online shop were I occasionally list my homemade products that I have extra of. Although at times my products do make their way to distant shores. I unfortunately can only sell to South African residents. Reasons being, our international postal services is horrific at getting our goodies to their new homes in decent time and sadly pricing is ridiculous - were often the price of shipping exceeds the price of our actual product. This seems so unfair, so I hope to compensate by sharing how I make our homemade products so that you can share in the love of handcrafted homemade love for your home too.

I do have almost daily shares on my linked Facebook and Instagram accounts.
I have learnt over the years that many of my family and friends prefer certain social media platforms to communicate and keep in touch with each other on and that's perfectly fine ~ we all have our own unique preferences and its beautiful and perfect.
My sun sign is Libra, I like things that please the eye. Could that be why I seem to keep coming back here to blogger?

I hope you will too.


kim beck said...

This front page was just to beautiful... I am eagerly awaiting a book from you, my Ange, as I think you have an amazing talent for writing. <3

Suzy Mae said...

I love your new look! Your life sounds so full in the best of ways. Look forward to reading more :)

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