Monday, June 13, 2016

Acornkids Kinetic Sand Giveaway.


This month’s Giveaway is a tub of our favourite Acornkids Kinetic Sand! Kinetic Sand is an easy-to-shape, non-mess, non-stick sand that is fluid and moulds into simple designs. Playing with Kinetic Sand is a magical and mesmerising experience for all ages.

Sand play stimulates and develops children’s fine motor skills and creative playing skills. It leaves neither sand nor residue on your hands and is great for sensory therapy.

Kinetic Sand is also suitable for kids with allergies – it is wheat, gluten and casein free and 100% safe and non-toxic.

Usage and Tips:

Fine Motor Skills – Kinetic Sand is a hands on material. Squish it, squeeze, or smash it to strengthen hands. Poke it or pinch it to develop index finger skills. Roll it into balls of flatten it with a rolling pin to develop bilateral skills. Scoop it or cut it to practise grasping and using tools such as spoons, ice scoopers and knives. Press cookie cutters down into flattened sand or pack it into little cups and flip them over to build sand castles and develop fi ne motor skills.

Sensory Skills – Kids who avoid “messy play” will likely be open to engaging with Kinetic Sand due to its soft, non-sticky nature. Perfect with kids with “tactile defensiveness“.

Drawing and Pre-Writing Skills – Before kids are old enough to write they should practise their drawing and pre-writing skills on multi-sensory material. Use fingers or tools to scribble, doodle, or draw. This can give them additional sensory input and help them practise their pencil grip.

Creative Thinking – An open-ended non-directed play material, there is no right and wrong way. The child has to come up with an idea of what to do with it, decide on a “motor plan”, (such as squish, pinch, flatten, etc.), and then execute. Idea, plan and execute…three important concepts!

Pretend Play – Research shows that toddlers require concrete props to facilitate symbolic play, so pull out the miniature bowls, spoons, mini animals, feed the animals, give them a bath etc.

Speech and Language Development – The interaction between you and your child, as they play and tell you what they are doing and as you ask questions, helps to facilitate language development.

Increased Attention – Squeezing the sand, provides deep pressure which is organising to the body. So all the squeezing gets the brain ready to sit, focus and learn.

Sense of Calm – The unique properties of the sand, encourage gentle rhythmic motions which are calming and soothing.

Features and Benefits

• Easily mouldable, yet also free flowing.

• It has the properties of wet sand, yet is not so wet.

• It sticks to itself, yet is not sticky.

• It is soft yet is not fluffy.

• It helps to develop fine motor skills.

• Encourages sensory processing for kids who are sensitive to sensory input.

• Helps to teach drawing and pre-writing skills.

• Challenges kids to use their creative thinking skills.

• Promotes pretend play.

• Ideal for kids with special needs.

• Helps to calm their minds and increase attention span.

• Gluten, wheat and casein free – great for allergies.

• 100% safe and non-toxic.

Regular Price: R25.00 (100 g); R120.00 (600 g)

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miss said...

Would love to win this for my Bug's birthday next month. Is definitely on my wish list for him. x

Storm Rafferty said...

I'm sure my Cruz would love this, it's so important to develop all aspects of the brains functions. It's a lovely way to play and learn at the same time.

Amy Wilson said...

Would love to win this for my little girl. She loves playing in the dirt so would be nice for her to play in some clean sand instead đŸ˜€

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

We have kinetic sand here... It is the coolest stuff!

Roxanne Hunt said...

Kinetic sand is so good for Hayley and her sensory processing disorder. We would love to win some. Plus its her birthday in two weeks so it would be a great early birthday present.

Roxanne Hunt said...

Kinetic sand is so good for Hayley with her sensory processing issues. We would love to win some. Plus its her birthday in two weeks so it would be a great early birthday gift.

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