Monday, July 18, 2016

Homemade XTRA-FAST Pizza

So… PIZZA….. !

I’ve never really been fond of them at all. I'm not sure if it had something to do with the base or how the filling all mushed together. They just never really rocked my boat.

Well until…. now…

I have a confession to make. I just cant seem to get enough of them… smothered with olives….. sliced mushrooms… sprinkled with chillies… bubbling with cheese….. ALL of these on my newly discovered homemade PIZZA dough base. And, you know what? It's like so super fast to whip up. Right in the now - super fast and delicious rocks my boat. ESPECIALLY when I'm craving!

The Pizza dough literally takes 5 minutes plus mixing time and then however long for your to smother it with your toppings and then another 10 or so minutes in the oven. So tell me, how long is that? 20 or so minutes? OK, maybe 30 at push…? mm? still faster than pizza delivery – right? Just as I thought.

Every time Ive shared a Pizza on Facebook or Instagram Ive been asked for the recipe. So I thought it was time to get it up on the blog, saved and on the ready to be shared and for easy reference.

Homemade FAST Pizza Dough Recipe

Right so get those ovens preheated to 230 degrees Celsius.

In a bowl stir up 1/2 tablespoon sugar, 2 and 1/4 teaspoons active dry yeast with 1 cup hot water. Let it all rest for 5 minutes.

Add in 3 tablespoons olive oil and 1 tsp salt (yes, you can use the sunflower oil variety, I have, but trust me, its a whole lot more yummier with olive oil – dont ask me why – it just is – try it?) Then slowly add the 2 and 3/4 cups of all purpose flour.

This batch makes 1 large normal base dough or two on the thinner side (I prefer my base on the thinner side with extra toppings).

Add all your toppings and pop into the over for about 10 to 15 minutes.

I think initially keep an eye on it from 10 minutes in and of course depending on the thickness of your base and how much topping. It wont take long until you are a pro at it.

Slice and CONSUME…… oh yes and try not to start looking like a Pizza (that there is a round preggie belly not a pizza belly!! – that’s my story and I’m sticking with it!)

Oh yes.... and dont forget to share too…!

Happy Pizza Pie Day... (everyday)

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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I make pizza a lot. I do my dough in the bread machine. My boys all love pizza but I only seem to like it when it's made with pesto sauce instead of tomato.

Rachel said...

Looks' and sounds delicious!!! Thanks for sharing:). I used to make my own pizza dough years ago, but I've grown lazy about the matter and forgotten how...perhaps I'll give your recipe a try soon!!!❤

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