Sunday, August 7, 2016

Vervet Massacre.

Monkeys… Vervet Monkeys to be exact…. We have them and we just cant seem to live harmoniously with them. They have come in full force.

I am all for sharing our harvest, but, when thoughtless.. mindless destruction is at play I cant help but feel some form of ferocious furiousness. Leaves have been shredded and our coloured heirloom carrots have been plucked and left as they are.  

Could you not at least have taken a bite out of one to show some form of appreciation?

Today we added a few more seed packets to our growings while we meandered around my favourite nursery. The excitement kind of dwindled when we were faced with the massacre to a few of our beds. 

We will have to come up with some form of game plan! I have put Rob on “Operation Save The Veggie Garden” duty. So lets see what he comes up with shall we. 

Do you have any suggestions for us?


mamasmercantile said...

I can't imagine damage to the garden by monkeys, I got cross over a few slugs. I will be watching with interest to see if you find a solution.

sustainablemum said...

Predators are a pain aren't they, undoing all your hard work in minutes. Destruction like you have experienced is the worse tho' when they don't even eat that which they have pulled up and attacked. We don't have monkeys here so I am not sure what I would do short of building some sort of cage to go over everything you are growing or using a polytunnel type structure?

karen said...

I don't have monkeys but I do have rabbits, groundhogs, and deer. I just let them eat whatever they want and try to grow what they don't like. So far, tomatoes, basil and sometimes peppers are what they leave behind!!

Good luck!!

eternalbloomfarm said...

*Growl* *snarl* Darn it! They are as bad as our deer, rabbits, mice and other garden demolishers...*sniff* I hope you can figure out how to save your veggies. How they heck do you keep monkeys out of anything??? You have my brain just a thinkin'. I agree with sustainablemum...maybe a polytunnel/greenhouse or cages beds. What a pain in the butt.

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